MĂNG-SÔNG QUANG 1FO (3M Fibrlok ™ 2569)

3M Fibrlok ™ 2569 Indoor/Outdoor FRP Cable Splice Connector

        3M 2569 Indoor/Outdoor FRP Cable Splice Connector provides easy and quick inline mechanical splicing solution for 1c FRP style flat drop cable. It’s tool free and can be applied for indoor FRP cable exten-sion and reparation. It offers operatora very convenient solution in field for FTTH deployment.

        The splice connector uses proven 3M Fibrlok Splice 2529 for fiber mechanical splicing. Unique aluminum alignment element technology achieves precise alignment of the fibers for superior inser-tion loss performance. This splice is widely used in telecom carriers around the globe in their FTTH networks.

        Cable sheath is attached to the splice connector to provide strain relief. This also eliminate the need for storing 250µm fiber in a fiber management tray, resulting in faster installation. Compact design makes it flexible to be accommodated in different environments.

         3M 2569 FRP cable splice connector is an ideal solution for repairing broken FRP drop cable, for extending exiting drop cable or splicing outdoor drop cable to indoor cable at around cable entrance to customer premises.

         3M 2569 Indoor Drop Cable Connector has been conducted a series of proven tests, such as mechanical tests and aging tests to simulate the application under different environments to verify its excellent splicing performance in filed. 

Technical characteristics of the optical connector 3M Fibrlok ™ 2569

- Application Indoor /outdoor.
- Dimensions Ø 9 mm x 82 mm; 
- Type of cables such as FRP (2 x 3-mm) and round Ø1,6 - 3 mm; 
- Insertion loss of 0.1 dB (typical); 
- Reflection of  ≤ - 40 dB (typical at room temperature) ;
- Clamping force Cable > 40 N;
- Operating temperature - 20 to 60 ° C.



3M Fibrlok TM Splice Technology

Superior performance, high reliability

Compact inline splice

Low profile, flexible to be put in various positions

Tool free design

Fast delivery, convenient operation and low investment for mass FTTH deployment

Cable boot design with screw


Flexible to accommodate FRP, 3mm, 2mm, 1.6mm indoor cables Even 900um is accepted with special cable adaptors in some cases

Fewer components

Simple operation, fast deployment, easy to learn, stable performance.

Ivory and Black colors 

Friendly color selection for indoor drop cable and background, low profile